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202 Kinder eggs for adults

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200 Artificial sprinkler for astroturf lawns

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198 Virgin Mary projector cuckoo clock

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188 Subtitles for noisy appliances

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180 Airbnb Sim

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177 Reality TV aggrandiser

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173 Anti-drone scarecrow for home security

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172 Stylish, organised landfill

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158 Can and straws reed diffuser

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156 Laminate carpet

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155 “Sinking ship” bath

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150 Mister Gravel

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135 Cuckoo Clock House

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134 Pet jacks

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131 Tail hole chairs

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129 Free gifts for binmen

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126 Wearable clothes dryer

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117 Sword of Damocles knife block

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116 Prometheus Bird Feeder

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107 Domestic landfill site