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202 Kinder eggs for adults

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201 Infinite poo bag effect for dog-owning magicians

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200 Artificial sprinkler for astroturf lawns

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199 Giant Ouija board world for exciting holidays

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198 Virgin Mary projector cuckoo clock

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197 Bonnet projectors

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196 ‘Operation head’ picnic blanket

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195 Sandwich steering wheel

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194 Lifetime Fairground

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193 Free experience withdrawals

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192 Engagement ring vending machines for AONBs

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191 Serving suggestions on paracetamol

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190 Hollow nature ‘screens’

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189 Clip-on device jewellery

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188 Subtitles for noisy appliances

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187 Preloaded selfie phone

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186 Cooking with fossils

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185 Clicker training for audiences

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184 Conversation car radio

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183 USB feet for princesses