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120 E-reader adaptors for paper books

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119 Positivity weighing scales

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118 Graffiti stencils for slugs and snails

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117 Sword of Damocles knife block

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116 Prometheus Bird Feeder

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115 Tarot cards for dogs

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114 Shower attachment for Guardian Angels

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113 Steam roller skates

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112 Gobstopper ‘train tickets’

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111 Hygiene handles

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110 Lighter for e-cigs

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109 Sunset simulator

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108 The Anternet

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107 Domestic landfill site

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106 Water bowl faces for bereaved pets

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105 Make-up remover pillowcases

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104 Massage parlour holes

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103 Urban life simulator

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102 Pepper’s Ghost for prams

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101 Spirit level picture frames