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201 Infinite poo bag effect for dog-owning magicians

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186 Cooking with fossils

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165 Pet ant Sisyphus game

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141 Bee-calming beekeeper suit

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138 Fly café sign

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134 Pet jacks

Posted in animals home work

131 Tail hole chairs

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128 Theft-proof horse blanket

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125 Alien abduction kit for trapped rodents

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118 Graffiti stencils for slugs and snails

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115 Tarot cards for dogs

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108 The Anternet

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106 Water bowl faces for bereaved pets

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100 Lighthouses for cats

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87 Owl-head mounted fishing apparatus

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84 Ant planetarium

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80 Prison kit for pets

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78 Moth Churches

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62 Sphinx carrier

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55 Track pads for animals’ heads