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196 ‘Operation head’ picnic blanket

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191 Serving suggestions on paracetamol

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170 Steering wheel weights

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166 Alcoholic drink-scented hand sanitiser

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152 Children’s Lanes

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145 Contactless lenses

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140 Group glasses for motorcycle display teams

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132 Blackboard nail file

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122 Urban bike hire enliveners

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119 Positivity weighing scales

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111 Hygiene handles

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105 Make-up remover pillowcases

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104 Massage parlour holes

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97 Synchronised swimmer wipers

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96 Personal shower suit

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89 Advertising on surgeons’ masks

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82 Tightrope treadmill

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81 Lozenge winch for auditorium coughers

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77 Beauty stocks

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69 Eating fountain